Long time ago were times when it was necessary to just finish education and wait for a job. Things have changed and now one must fight for own chance, by constant improvement during and after finishing studies. In situation where schools in some countries (like Serbia) don’t offer enough practical experience to their students, it’s necessary to find alternative. There are alternatives and could be in different forms from visiting seminars, conferences in area of interest, taking part in various workshops, associating with people of similar interest. It’s possible to achieve in real life but some things are easier to implement in virtual one, that is on Internet.

One of the possibilities for improvement and getting new knowledge through internet appeared about 2 years ago and is called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). Started as experimental project, later there was satisfying number and quality of courses. A lot of eminent universities offers these courses and it’s reason for pleasure, because it’s possible to take a course which is pretty similar by content to what students from these universities learn. List of universities which follows this trend is long but it’s enough to mention giants like Harvard, Berkeley, Munich, Peking, Stanford, Yale, and many others.

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As is appropriate for each developer to write famous Hello world program when starting with new language, so I write Hello world article.

Where did I get idea for blogging?

So, idea and wish to express myself exists long time ago, but I always was delaying decision. There was a problem that I didn’t have inspiration to find site name, that is, domain name I like. I wanted some name which is general type and which should reflect my way of thinking and which indicates what is on the blog.

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